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How To Join Comhar Creidmheasa Ghaoth Dobhair Teo?

Joining is Easy! Call into one of our offices today and complete an application.

Joining is Easy! Call into one of our offices today and complete an application.

To be eligible for membership of Comhar Creidmheasa Ghaoth Dobhair Teo you must be living or working within our common bond area of Ghaoth Dobhair, Falcarragh and the Rosses.

The common bond is the factor which unites all the members of your credit union. Operating within a common bond, means that all members have the good of their credit union at heart; they know and trust each other. The common bond ensures that the savings of members are available to fellow members as loans.

If you are living outside Common Bond we will require additional information for membership. For example, proof of employment within Common Bond required such as payslip and letter or letter from employer.

Under law, the application must be accompanied by proof of identity with photograph, a proof of address and evidence of PPS number.


  • Current Valid Passport
  • Current Valid Drivers License
  • ML10 Identification from the Garda

VERIFICATION  OF  ADDRESS (one of the following required and MUST BE DATED WITHIN LAST 6 MONTHS)

  • Original Utility Bill
  • Document from government department
  • Original Bank Or Building society statement


  • Government Letter
  • Payslip, P60 or P45

A Membership fee of €1.27, and a minimum of €10 is needed to open an account and keep it activated.Members will also be asked to complete a Nomination Form once the account is opened.


A nomination form is completed by member aged 16 years and over. This nominates a person to receive your savings and insurance benefits in the event of your death. It is one of the great attractions of credit union membership that the sum of money you leave behind can be paid to your family quickly (to a maximum of €23,000). This can be updated or changed at any time.


For further details on any of the above information, talk to us today by calling 074 95 31279 and we will be happy to answer any of your queries

Minor Accounts

Please note for opening a child’s accounts, the following is required:

  • An account may be opened by the child or their parent/legal guardian only.

  • We require a birth certificate or passport

  • We also ask for evidence of the child’s address and PPS number

  • We require verification of the Parent/Guardian’s address, PPS number and photo ID

  • Under 16’s are not required to complete a Form of Nomination.

Why Join?

  • Competitive loan interest rates – We offer loans from as little as 6% APR, which makes us one of the most competitive in the market.
  • There are no transaction fees or hidden charges and you can be assured of a professional service from Comhar Creidmheasa Ghaoth Dobhair Teo at all times.
  • We know that your time is precious and that sometimes you just don’t have the time to make a trip to Comhar Creidmheasa Ghaoth Dobhair Teo. In response to this we have many services which will enable you to make convenient and speedy transactions, for example you can use your visa debit card to pay into your savings or loan over the phone.
  • You can access your accounts via our banking online or online app
  • Savings are insured at no direct cost to each eligible member. The insurance is paid in addition to the savings you hold at the time of your death.
  • Members may nominate a person or persons to become entitled, at his/her death, to their savings, subject to a maximum of €23,000. Members who wish to complete a nomination form or amend their current one may do so at any time in any of our offices.
  • Your savings are fully secure. They are protected by the Irish Government’s Deposit Guarantee Scheme (up to a maximum of €100,000). There’s also the Irish League of Credit Unions’ Saving Protection Scheme and our fidelity bond.